10 reasons why having an FWB relationship is more stable than a committed relationship

Jennifer Le
8 min readMay 18, 2021
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Dating can be complicated when you want to find a serious relationship. It can be a huge commitment and can mentally take a toll on you. That’s why I prefer having FWB (friends with benefits) relationships. After having my fair share of serious relationships, I learn that single life is more fitting for me, and I appreciate the friends with benefits kind of relationships more. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to having FWB relationships, and I found from my experience, my FWB relationships lasted longer and were more stable than any of my serious ones.

Here are the reasons why having an FWB relationship can be more sustainable than a committed relationship.

1.No expectations = fewer disappointments

When you establish an FWB relationship with someone, you both agree to go with the flow and have no high expectations for each other. There’s no need to rush into meeting family or friends, no future planning, or making any plans for serious commitments. You both are free to do as you please and respect each other enough to uphold the minimum standards in an FWB relationship. Having no expectations allows your relationship to genuinely form and causes less pressure and tension between both parties. You both have no reason to get upset at each other for being your complete self and no room to set yourself up for disappointment.

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2. Easier to be OPEN & HONEST

When I use to be in committed, serious relationships, I always felt like I had to tiptoe around my exes, and it was hard to be open about what I truly wanted in my relationships. In serious relationships, you are more prone to being jealous, greedy, and bat-shit crazy if the other person even dares to like another girl’s profile or go hang out with their best friend who is of the opposite sex. Having an FWB buddy allowed me to voice my opinions and thoughts without feeling hurt or misjudge. No need to be jealous or insecure when both parties can be open and honest about the relationship. It’s great to have a…



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