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For all my spiritual and curious readers, I am about to tell you the most life-changing story of how I became a tarot card reader during quarantine. Tarot card readers are psychic or intuitive mediums who channel messages using the divination tool tarot cards. They use the cards to give guidance and answers to those who seek it for love, career, families, and anything in regards to their personal lives.

Before the pandemic happened, I was pursuing the life of an entertainer in Los Angeles, CA. My dream was to become a famous actress and stand-up comedian. I was actually…

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As someone who is an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person, I had struggled with managing my emotions and my sensitivity. Growing up, my family taught me that feelings were a sign of weakness, and people told me I needed to grow a backbone and “get over” things.

I cried a lot as a kid, and I felt ashamed to have feelings and get upset over the silliest things. I felt so many intense emotions, and I did not know how to deal with them. Until one day, I learned about being an empath and neurolinguistics programming.

An Empath is…

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The mind is the most powerful tool we have. It controls our emotions, behaviors, actions, and even our physical bodies. The mind is constantly working for us, but nobody has taught us how to operate our minds.

Have you ever wonder why you acted on certain behaviors or emotions? Would you like to learn how to manage your emotions or at least understand where they come from? Everything about your mind that you are unaware of or have no control over is called the Subconscious Mind.

The Conscious Mind is the mind we are aware of. It is the surface…

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I used to believe in fairy tale endings where the guy would chase after you and performs a grand gesture to prove his love for you. Little did I know, happy endings never end up the way Hollywood portrays them.

I blame romantic comedies, Disney, and chick flicks for giving me hope in romance when it comes to dating. I am a go-getter, and I usually get what I want most of the time except when it comes to love. …

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For the longest time, I had always felt guilty every time I spend my days sleeping in or binge-watching Netflix. I felt ashamed for wanting to do nothing, and it would make me feel like a failure if I was not working or being productive.

Being lazy had made me feel all sorts of guilt, and I am not sure what to do about it. Until one day, I gave up and accepted that I am lazy. I accepted my laziness as a part of me, and I said fuck it, I am going to enjoy being lazy and stop…

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I am obsessed with using affirmations to manifest and kick start my days. Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your subconscious mind to get you in the state that you desire.

Now I know you may feel awkward saying affirmations because it feels like you are lying to yourself, but you are doing your brain a disservice if you think using affirmations is not benefiting you.

Like any life skill, saying affirmations is a skill that you can build upon and grow confident in doing. …

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Spirit Guides are the best kind of mentors you can have. In a world where anything is possible, there is a world full of spirits and beings that are among us. We have yet to discover all that there is to know in this world, and when it comes to the spirit realm, there are beings who guide us, protect us, and show us what we need to learn in this lifetime.

When I first discovered my spirit guides, I was in a place where I needed my life to change. I felt lost and kept having a roller coaster…

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For the longest time, I did not believe in God or any religion growing up. I had no interest in learning about spirituality or religion because I could not understand as a kid what it all meant. But as I grew up and faced numerous difficulties in my life, I felt hopeless at one point and drained from the work-life of society. I needed to discover my true self and have something to believe in. That is when I tuned in to the Universe, and I discovered my spirit guides. …

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Dating can be complicated when you want to find a serious relationship. It can be a huge commitment and can mentally take a toll on you. That’s why I prefer having FWB (friends with benefits) relationships. After having my fair share of serious relationships, I learn that single life is more fitting for me, and I appreciate the friends with benefits kind of relationships more. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to having FWB relationships, and I found from my experience, my FWB relationships lasted longer and were more stable than any of my serious ones.

Here are…

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If there is one skill I could master the most, it would be the art of being self-aware. Becoming self-aware is recognizing your emotions, actions, habits, and behaviors. Being self-aware is an essential skill to have when it comes to strengthening work and personal relationships, building confidence, managing emotions, and making the right decisions for yourself.

To discover who you are and what you would like to manifest and attract, you must learn this skill and take control of your life by shifting the focus on you. No one is doing the work for you, and you must take action…

Jennifer Le

Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach. I enjoy making people feel good 😌

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