How the Island of Langkawi and a Few Magic Mushrooms Changed My Life

Anne and I parasailing in Pantai Cenang Beach
Sunset at “The Box”

The next day Jakub invited me to pick up magic mushrooms from the fetus of cows since there would be a bounty of them after the rain passed.

The field where I picked up shrooms

I tried but my anxiety kept forcing itself to come through and the demonic face of my fear monster showed up laughing at me.

I canceled my flight and booked one more night at the hostel. I needed to figure out what more I could gain from this island to discover myself and find happiness again.

Isma and I at the Temergan Waterfall

For the first time, I felt true bliss and joy within myself.

My happy face in Langkawi!

Intuitive Life and Mindset Coach. I help people discover their greatest potential. ☺️

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