I stopped writing for a whole year and this is what I learned.

Jennifer Le
2 min readFeb 17, 2023

I stopped writing on Medium for a whole year because I thought I sucked on here. Guess what? I do suck because I quit writing and now it feels like starting over from 0.

I wrote in my journal mainly for myself but sometimes writing feels forced and I don’t like the idea of forcing myself to write.

I needed to know why I’m writing and who I’m doing it for. Am I doing it for the money? Am I doing it to make myself feel better? Am I doing it because I just need my thoughts out? Whatever the reason is, in the end it doesn’t really matter.

Because whatever I write, may or may not matter to you or to me or to anyone who cares. I stopped reading as much too. Everything on medium just felt repetitive and the same old self-help articles that gets boring to read each time.

I don’t need anymore self help articles because I’m tired of trying to improve. What I desire is realness. Reading materials that have true meaning and not another perfectly curated writing that makes me swipe to the next.

When did writing become so mundane? Maybe I haven’t found the write stories to read or the funky words that POPs out. I’m starting to wonder if our world is just another boring reality of life and if this self-help era is making us better or unhappier with ourselves.

Because I stopped writing, I’m not feeling guilty or ashamed of it. I feel liberated because now I know. The purpose of my writing is just to write. Maybe that’s the only reason to write right.

If you see me write, then feel free to read. Not because there’s any significance in my writing, but because it was fun to read and that’s all we need. We need more fun in life. Stop writing just to gain views or followers. Write because it’s fun to see what your heart is trying to tell you.

That’s all I learned.



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