I am selfish

I am needy

I am sensitive

I am insecure about my nose and my pimply face

I am emotional because i don’t know how to control my emotions

I am sad when things do not go my way

I am angry when someone tells me what to do or how to do things

I take out my emotions on people that I love and care about and I do not feel good about it

I am depressed

I am moody

I want attention on me all the time

I crave love and intimacy and I expect everything to be handed to me

I expect people to treat me a certain way

I do not like selfish people although I act selfishly myself

I am loud and obnoxious sometimes

I cry a lot when I don’t get things my way like a fucking baby

I am whiny and complain a lot when things go wrong

I don’t know how to handle things when it doesn’t go exactly as planned

I overthink and think the world and people are against me

I feel like a burden to my family and friends when I can’t control my emotions

I am scared to lose friends and people I really love and care about because of my selfish tendencies and emotional baggage

I am frugal with money and do not know how to save

As much as I love my family, I am also mean to them when I act out on emotions

I have a bad taste in my mouth of dating men who cheat, lie, or disrespect women in any way shape, or form, it causes me to put up my guard and feel negative about dating

I am scared to get hurt in any way shape or form by anyone

I am scared to lose myself

I am scared of my dark side

I dislike the parts of me that are lazy, sad, angry, and moody

I hate when my PMS takes over

I have codependency issues

I am spoiled and a brat sometimes

I am gullible and naive

I am impatient

I cause myself more stress and pain than I need too

I am a perfectionist

I fantasize about the past and future because sometimes the present is too hard to live in the moment

I accept reality is not perfect

I accept the truth that life never goes the way you plan

I accept that I will never receive the kind of love that I crave in someone else

I accept that I need to love myself so much more

Authenticity and Spiritual Coach. I help people discover their greatest potential. ☺️

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