Reading Self- Help Articles did Nothing for My Mental Health.

Jennifer Le
4 min readJan 4, 2022
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It’s time to stop healing and start living. I spent these past two years working on inner healing and resolving my traumas. I have cried, had panic attacks, and dealt with my depression as best as possible.

The only reason I had even subscribed to Medium was because of the unlimited access to self-help articles. I assumed if I had read every manifestation, spirituality, or how to make money blog, that I would be smarter, healthier, richer, and better than I was before.

But here’s the catch…

I don’t remember a single damn article that I read that magically changed my life. All that self-help bullshit only piled on to the millions of thoughts running through my mind. It made me “believe” I was better, but it didn’t fix the internal problems I had felt inside.

Reading all these self-help articles made me feel more broken inside. I felt that I wasn’t good enough to live life the way I wanted. I assumed I needed to wake up at 5 am every day to feel productive or write my self-help articles to feel “good enough” to be on this app.

I couldn’t handle it anymore. I even hired a life coach from a writer on Medium who gave me a panic attack on our last call because he made me feel like I was weak for even having a panic attack! How fucked up is that…



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