This 5 Step Guide Will Get You to STOP Procrastinating

As the queen of procrastination and lazy town, I am here to give you the secret and guide to overcoming that lazy habit and really start taking action. I have searched my entire life for a way to really get me motivated and start working towards my passions and goals. This mnemonic device has given me a fresh perspective and changed my way of thinking, from being lazy to motivated and accomplished.

PARTI stands for Plan, Act, Rewards, Thrive, Imagine

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This 5 Step Guide will get you moving and grooving, and you will find yourself wanting to PARTI all the time now. Here’s how it works:

1. PLAN- Set an action plan for your goals.

Have a creative project you need to finish or start? Plan it out, day by day, time by time, and set a deadline for yourself. You can either plan days, weeks, months, or years in advance. I usually like to plan my day the night beforehand, and I would plan from the moment I wake up at 6AM until I go to sleep at 10PM. Having a plan gives you an idea of when to start working and organizing your day ahead. You can add some flexibility to your plan and make sure to have breaks and rest included in your schedule to prevent burnouts. By doing this, you set yourself up for success and your brain will start to intake that information in and start working on the schedule you plan ahead.

2. ACT- Take action!

Don’t even wait until you feel like doing it, like the NIKE saying “JUST DO IT”. I use to wait until I felt motivated to do something but that was clearly not working, so instead, I take one action step at a time and DO IT. I don’t think, I don’t feel, I ACT ON IT. I set a morning routine for myself that will motivated me to stay productive so I highly suggest creating a routine that you know you can ACT on, whether that’s going for a run, saying affirmations, journaling, making coffee or tea, or whatever morning action routine that gets you in the state of flow. Do everything that you can on your ACTION plan list that needs to be done. Once you start DOING things, that’s when you start to feel motivated and accomplished.

3. REWARDS- Visualize the rewards and benefits from taking actions.

We often procrastinate because we fear the struggles, the obstacles, and the rejection of the outcomes, so why not change that mindset into a rewarding one? Think about all the rewards you will receive from completing your projects, your work, and your goals. That feeling of accomplishment is the best rewarding feeling. Or how about having an abundance of money in your account because you finally finished that work project on time? You are going to be so much more rewarded for taking actions and actually putting yourself out there. Reward yourself and celebrate your wins by feeling successful for all your hard effort!

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4. THRIVE- “I came to win, to fly, to conquer, to THRIVE” (Nicki Minaj)

As you continue to take actions, reap the benefits and rewards, then keep THRIVING. Often times we lose momentum, because we are met with resistance. However, if we remind ourselves how much we are THRIVING in all that we do, we can bust through those resistance phases, and allow ourselves to thrive and grow in whatever work or passion projects we do. Remember you can only thrive if you continue the momentum and allow yourself to grow and improve. You are meant to THRIVE and SUCCEED so KEEP GOING!

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5. IMAGINE- My favorite step of all, is to IMAGINE all the possibilities and opportunities ahead of us.

Imagine how much we are contributing to the world, to society, and to ourselves. Imagine how many lives we touch or how much money we are going to make to give back to our families and our communities. Imagine the impossible because without imagination there is no plan to succeed. All those ideas that come to our head, imagine turning those ideas into reality, into success stories, and into opportunities to truly make an impact. Imagination is the most powerful tool our minds can create and as we continue to imagine, we can start the PARTI and do it all over again.

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Procrastination is one of the hardest challenges to overcome and trust me, I am still learning to break this habit. However I know our minds are so powerful and if we can find ways to break this behavior pattern and really implement more fun and positive ones, then we can start to make the changes that align with our highest selves. I want you to believe in yourself when it comes to starting those passion projects. I want you to truly put in the effort, time, and hard work to finish them. And I want you to want this so badly for YOURSELF that you cannot wait to start the real PARTI and become the best version of you that you can be.

Take action today and follow this 5 step guide. Let me know if this plan has helped you overcome procrastination. I’m an intuitive life and mindset coach and I love helping people step into their true powers. You can find me on social media @intentjen or if you have any questions feel free to email me at Thank y’all so much for reading this and GO PARTI!

Authenticity and Spiritual Mentor. I enjoy making people feel good 😌

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